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Problems Around Labia Mayora You Should Be Wary of

Female sex organs consist of several parts. One is the labia majora or vaginal lips, which play an important role in protecting the female area from germs or dirt. If the labia majora is affected, various complaints can occur on this part of the female sex organs. Labia majora is a part of the female reproductive organ called the vulva. Shaped like two large folds outside the vagina. The length of the labia majora in each woman varies, but generally ranges from 2-10 cm and will be covered by pubic hair after puberty. Health Problems in Labia Mayora Symptoms that generally appear when the labia majora is disturbed are sore, itchy, reddened, appear fluid (vaginal discharge), swell, and pain or discomfort during intercourse. The following are some of the health problems that can occur around the labia majora: 1. Vulvovaginitis This condition is an inflammation that occurs in the vagina and vulva (female genital lips). Vulvovaginitis is most often caused by a bacterial infection.
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Tips for Choosing a Safe Sanitary Pad and How to Use it

Mistakes in choosing pads can cause vaginal irritation. For that, so that you do not experience it, let's recognize the characteristics of a bandage that is safe, including how to use it appropriately. The use of proper pads can benefit women's health. In addition to being able to prevent vaginal irritation, the use of safe and appropriate pads can also prevent infection. Tips for Choosing a Safe Sanitary In Indonesia, sanitary napkins that are categorized as safe are sanitary pads that have received a distribution permit from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia. The reason is before being released, these sanitary products must be tested first in order to remain safe to wear. You might not know in detail about the sanitary safety tests that have been carried out by the government. However, there are some tips that should be known about how to recognize and choose safe pads, including: Make sure the purchased sanitary products purchased are listed with In

What are the Benefits of Garlic for Health

The benefits of garlic are not only famous for adding flavor to cuisine, but are also believed to be beneficial for health. The benefits of garlic itself has long been used since the days of ancient Egypt, India and even China. Plants from the Allium or onion family are widely used for various medical purposes. Numerous studies link the consumption of large amounts of garlic with a decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, strengthen the immune system, and improve blood circulation and ward off the risk of heart disease. However, the health benefits of garlic have not been proven 100 percent, so more research is needed. However, several studies have found possible benefits such as the following. Good for the heart One of the benefits of garlic mentioned is good for heart health. From a study, it was found that supplementation containing garlic extract has the potential to provide a protective effect for heart health. This effect is seen from the ability of garlic to reduce